Savage Tide

Savage Tide. Two years of writing. Twenty thousand kilometres of travel to research locations. Two hundred and eighty thousand words, only half of which made it into the final version. Out now from HarperCollins, and in book shops across Australia and New Zealand.

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ABC Radio Brisbane’s Weekend Bookworm Program says: “Both supremely intelligent and written at breathtaking pace, Savage Tide combines the very best of a thriller by Tom Clancy with the Boys Own action blockbuster of someone like Chris Ryan. The speed of the action is matched on by the sophistication of the prose and the originality of the plot. With this only his second novel, Greg Barron has proved he is a political thriller writer at the very top of his game.” (Full review:

Other reviewers are saying: “I absolutely loved this book!” “Unsettling and thought-provoking from the outset – Savage Tide is a gripping read.” “Once I started reading it was impossible to put down.” and “(Savage Tide) is an action packed thriller and I couldn’t put it down!”

Marika Hartmann, an intelligence officer for a shadowy subdivision of MI6, captures an extremist foot-soldier guilty of a massacre of school children and aid workers in Southern Somalia. Renditioned to a CIA ‘black site’ in Djibouti, the prisoner hints at a devastating terror plot in the making, led by a ruthless doctor known as the Hourglass.

Marika and her ex-special forces colleague PJ Johnson team up to investigate, uncovering a cold-blooded conspiracy to decimate the cities of the West. But the enemy is always one step ahead – is there a traitor at the very heart of MI6?

From the refugee camps of East Africa to the azure waters off the Iranian coast, the marshes of Iraq to Syria’s parched Eastern desert, Savage Tide is a manhunt, a quest for truth, and a desperate search for the legacy of a cruel regime bent on dominating the world.

Savage Tide is the culmination of many years of work. Read about the author’s journey from beginning to a contract with one of the world’s biggest publishers here:

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8 thoughts on “Savage Tide”

  1. Hi Greg, just finished Savage Tide – was a compelling read, even better than Rotten Gods, can’t wait for #3 !
    in Dubai @ the moment which was an apt place to finish the book I thought 🙂

    Keep up the great writing mate.


    1. Thanks Shaun, that’s fantastic, yeah Dubai is a fitting place to finish it. Weird city. I suspect it will all be desert again in 50 years. Hopefully we can catch up soon. cheers Greg

  2. Sorry, Greg, I did not like reading your book, but, it was a great book and especially the last chapter. At 78 I have been reduced to trekking poles and have just returned from Peru, Machu Picchu, we have got it easy in Australia.
    All the best ……………….

    Bob Dix Photographer

  3. Yes, well you did not print my first reply, I did not like reading the book for obvious reasons, but, it is a very good book.
    The last chapter puts a lot into context.

  4. Dear Greg, You have made me understand so much is your last 2 books, I could not put them down, My son is always sending me passages from Information & Insight, but I could not quite get the gist of the damage we all do to each other.I do now. I loved Marika and co., more please, Catherine

    1. Thanks so much Catherine, I love hearing from wonderful readers like you, it makes my daily task of writing so much easier to know there are people out there enjoying the stories. All the best and keep in touch. Greg

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